Bone Grafting in Jupiter, FL

Triumph Over Bone Loss With Grafting Solutions

Exceptional, Comfortable Care at the Hands of an Experienced Dentist

Practicing comprehensive and conservative dentistry for over 25 years, Dr. Michael Scherb has acquired the refined technique necessary for improving oral health and creating beautiful smiles that last. Bone grafting from Dr. Scherb reveals a wealth of opportunities for you, from saving at-risk teeth to enabling the placement of implants. Our bone grafting services can even be combined with sedation options to ensure your greatest comfort when visiting our practice.

Give Your Smile the Support It Needs

Replacing lost structure and fortifying your jaw, bone grafting is the process of adding bone tissue to areas in deficit. Bone grafting provides advantages like:

  • Adds support to existing teeth (those experiencing bone loss)
  • Preserves extraction sites for future implant placement
  • Fortifies and strengthens areas to enable implants or implant supported dentures
  • Restores natural facial contours in jaw and chin areas
  • Improves and enhances biting function

Dangers of Jaw Bone Deterioration

What causes bone loss in the jaw? While factors like trauma, cysts or tumors, or endodontic lesions all may cause bone deterioration, the most common culprit is gum disease. Bone loss from gum disease leads to tooth mobility, and ultimately tooth loss unless its progression is stopped. Tooth loss begets further bone loss, as the absence of tooth roots leaves the jaw bone unstimulated and left to deteriorate over time. Why is this cause for concern? Loss of bone in the jaw leads to significant issues, such as:

  • Tooth mobility
  • Changes in bite
  • Tooth loss
  • Loss of natural jaw contour
  • Facial changes (sinking of features)

Elevate your confidence and discover what it means to wear a bright, healthy smile each day with bone grafting services from Dr. Scherb. To schedule your visit with Palm Beach County’s leading dentist, contact us today!

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