Sedation Dentistry in Jupiter, FL

Sedation Dentistry Eliminates Fear

Your Smile Deserves to Be Healthy

Are dental fear and anxiety keeping you from receiving the oral care you need? Many people suffer from this very same thing, and miss out on improvement in dental health and smile esthetics, as a result. Whether traumatic experiences from the past, embarrassment or a general dislike of the dental environment holds you back, you can overcome these concerns and actually enjoy your dental visits with sedation options from Dr. Michael Scherb. Our sedation solutions provide stress-free, painless visits, eliminating the fear and anxiety often experienced with dental treatment.

How You Achieve Better Oral Health Matters

Dr. Scherb and our team want you to love your smile, and offer effective solutions to help you get there. Even if you have avoided visiting the dentist for years now, getting back on track and enjoying regular care is possible with sedation. Our sedation dentistry options include:

  • Oral Sedation: With this method Dr. Scherb prescribes a sedative pill, taken one hour prior to your appointment. You remain relaxed and alert, but remember little about your procedure. Oral sedation is ideal for moderate to severe levels of anxiety, and in cases where multiple procedures are performed, implants are placed or extractions are scheduled.
  • Nitrous Oxide: Recommended for mild to moderate anxiety, nitrous oxide is a colorless, odorless gas breathed through a nasal mask just prior to and during your procedure. The gas renders you calm, relaxed and euphoric, and leaves no aftereffects. Procedures for which nitrous oxide is commonly used are gum disease treatment, fillings, or crown and bridge preparation.

Your smile is an important part of you, and deserves the best care available today. Give your smile to chance to be healthy and confident once again with sedation dentistry solutions from Dr. Scherb. Contact our team and reserve your visit with us right away!

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